The World’s Largest Lesson 2017

The World’s Largest Lesson is back for another year. We are starting on the 18th September and encouraging lessons to take place during a wider window leading up to the 20th November and World Children’s Day. This year there has been a huge surge of interest amongst educators in introducing students across the world to the SDGs, using the Goals as a framework for Global Citizenship learning and action. You just have to follow @theworldslesson and #TeachSDGs on Twitter to see this happening.

Our ambition is to make the SDGs, or Global Goals as they are more popularly known to the general public, as relevant as possible in children’s lives and encourage them to take action in support of the Goals.

Last year we asked children and young people to take part in a project to measure Gender Equality where they live, over 50,000 did so. This year we are asking them to use some “Global Goals vision” and consider the impact of their food choices on the Goals.
There is a simple project for them to complete and we invite them to develop and share a pledge based on their investigations and commit to making a change in support of a Goal or Goals. We are supporting this project with a series of lesson plans and ideas to engage students in how Food choices impact on Poverty, Equality and Climate change.

This year we are also introducing:

  • A simple, free, online training course to explain the Goals, answering any questions educators may have about the Goals and equipping them to use the World’s Largest Lesson materials.
  • A map upon which anyone helping to educate young people about the Goals can mark their teaching and learning moment for the Goals. Anything can be shared as we aim to build a huge global picture of the incredible contribution being made to this important agenda. With this map, teachers will also be able find other teachers committed to the same mission and connect via Twitter (Map coming soon)
  • A FlipGrid for children and young people to safely share via video their thoughts on Goals issues (coming soon but here is our brand new beta version to see
    As well as new lesson plans on human rights and physical games to play that introduce the Global Goals.

Here is a simple and encouraging one page that explains why we think teaching the Goals is valuable along with three steps to take to get started. You can share this.

And for your information, a briefing note that has been sent to every Ministry of Education.

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