UNESCO Working Paper on Protecting the Right to Education for Refugees

This Working Paper aims to provide an overview of the international legal framework protecting the right to education of refugees worldwide, including the obligations of States, as well as the main current issues. It also shows that, despite the existence of a strong applicable framework to guarantee the right to education of refugees worldwide, the challenges and obstacles encountered in this context may dramatically prevent its enjoyment. The paper also emphasizes that, even though ensuring the right to education is fundamental in all phases of the situation, there is a particular need to draw attention to the stabilization phase. This phase relates to a structural context involving host States’ educational policies and legal frameworks as well as matters related to the adaptation and integration. With a view to effectively protecting the right to education for refugees and seeking sustainable policy solutions, the main features of the right to education – availability, accessibility, acceptability and adaptability – may offer a relevant framework for States to adopt and implement solid legal and policy national frameworks prohibiting discrimination or exclusion based on any ground and protecting fundamental rights. Therefore, sustainable policy responses based on effective implementation of States’ legal obligations will ensure the fulfilment of refugees’ right to education, responding to the ambition of an inclusive and equitable quality education by 2030.

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Miss Amna Khan

After reading the whole paper, as a teacher I have a question, since I have dealt with some refugee children, where motivating them or their parents for their education only has led me to listen to the opinions like “they need to earn because there is no one else to do it” “it is of no use!”
I would like to get your ideas and your opinions on how to better get them to be motivated enough to learn whilst leaving behind their few hours of work which means they won’t be earning anything in those 1-3 hours.

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