Start Collaboration

The Hub supports collaboration by sharing information, connecting people, commissioning special joint initiatives, and offering the tool for team collaborations.  The  Collaboration Service will be available to members in Phase 2 of the rollout of the Hub (by October 2015) and it is intended for those who wish to form smaller groups to collaborate on joint initiatives and require access to a secure online team workspace.

The Hub will offer access to the Commonwealth Secretariat’s “Commonwealth Connects” platform, which is a separate system that is password protected.  The space will allow group members to store and edit version-controlled documents as well as use other collaborative tools such as whiteboards, discussion boards, calendars, and member profiles.

Once the Collaboration Service is rolled out and small groups have formed, information about individual groups and their work will be featured in this space.  Should you be interested in connecting with or joining any of the working groups once they are featured, you can contact the Facilitation Team.

Working Groups

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