Good Practices

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In 2006, the Commonwealth Secretariat introduced the Commonwealth Education Good Practice Awards to identify, highlight, and share positive and promising practices in education throughout the Commonwealth. The Awards have been held triennially since 2009 to coincide with the Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers, where the winners are presented with their awards and given the opportunity to participate in the various parallel forums.

The collection of Good Practices featured here are the finalists from each award cycle, including the three to four winning projects. The selected cases have gone through a rigorous review and vetting process by a committee comprising representatives from the CCEM host country, including the Chair and the Award Co-ordinator, as well as educational representatives from across the Commonwealth.

The collection of Good Practices here are examples of programmes, projects, policy strategies or interventions that have resulted in a positive change to the status or condition of primary or secondary school students, their teachers or the education system in a country. They are submitted by education ministries, civil society organizations, and non-governmental organizations working in the field to address education challenges.

If you are looking for ideas, inspiration, or successful models and approaches to replicate or adapt, start here and contact us if you have any questions, comments, or recommendation for other good practices you would like to draw our attention to. If you have tried to replicate or adapt any of the solutions in the cases featured here, please share you feedback with us.

The fifth round of awards will open to applications in June 2016