Orchid Project – Human Rights – Presentation by Julia Lalla-Maharajh OBE, Orchid’s CEO

Orchid Project has a vision of a world free from female genital cutting (FGM). Our mission is to foster and accelerate the abandonment of FGC around the world.

3.6 million girls are at risk of being cut each year in Africa alone. 200 million women are living with the devastating impacts of FGC worldwide. In half of the countries that practice FGC, the majority of girls are cut before they are 5 years old. FGC contravenes human, health, child and women’s rights.

The presentation will broadly cover:

1. What female genital cutting is and where it is practised
2. How FGC affects a girl throughout her life
3. International efforts to end the practice
4. How FGC is ending
5. Orchid Project Work

Date: Monday 6th March 2017
Event Applicable to all students

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