Migrants and Refugees as Re-Builders – Transforming lives through learning

Migrants and Refugees as Re-Builders (KA2 Cross-borders Intercultural and Societal Entrepreneurs) is a partnership of organisations from the UK, Turkey, Sweden and Spain who are developing innovative training responses to support migrants and refugees from the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, Magreb and Latin America. The project is aimed at supporting adult educators of migrants and refugees in settling into their new communities, re-building their lives, and eventually contributing to the development of their home countries.

This a three-year Erasmus+ project to improve the training of migrants and refugees through adult education.

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the prototype module is well structured; has been covered most essential elements in order to reach intended goal. It could have a synopsis to accommodate diverse livelihood backed by indigenous beliefs and practices; which will be driven by changed attitudes towards sustainable adoption of practices. please ignore it if I understood differently.


general expression: when we work for migrant people the contents might be based on the elements of pull and push factors. sustainable livelihoods is ultimate achievements can realised through a process of adaption. Adaptive livelihood might be an option.

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