The Presidential Initiative on AIDS Strategy to Youth (PIASCY)

Country: Uganda
Organisation: Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda



The Presidential Initiative on AIDS Strategy to Youth (PIASCY) is a Good Practice designed to prevent the spread of HIV/ AIDS and to mitigate its impact on primary and post-primary education institutions in Uganda. Launched by the President of that country on his return from a UN Special Assembly on the Pandemic in 2001, the programme has played a central role in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Since 2003, a variety of initiatives have targeted 7.5 million children in 14,816 primary schools.


  • 13,000 pre-trained and in-service teachers trained in HIV/AIDS guidance and counseling.
  • Tutors in 45 Teachers training colleges exposed to programmes on HIV/AIDS Education.
  • 3,234 Model schools set up as epicentres of good practices in HIV/AIDS Education.