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The Commonwealth Education Hub connects over 700 education policymakers and professionals from across the Commonwealth via the Education Community of Practice, an email-based network (mailgroup) at the heart of the Hub. In addition, each topic page carries a discussion forum to support ongoing contributions and discussion. To join the full discussion group, kindly complete the sign-up form. To contribute to the topics in this section, kindly self register using the link to be found at the bottom of each page. The registration on the bottom of the page enables contributions to be made on all topic pages.

Members of the Community of Practice are able to ask their peers for recommended knowledge resources and best practices, comment on draft research or policy papers, programmes and projects, and participate in virtual discussions to identify insights and issues. Both queries and discussions can last 7-28 days, depending on the complexity of the subject or the interest that it generates. The results of the query or contributions to discussions are synthesized by the Facilitation Team into a knowledge product called “Discussion Summary” that is accessible on this page on the Hub website.

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